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Mason Boys Cross Country

Mason Boys Cross Country is a competitive, hard-working team. You can measure yourself against the other teams, your own teammates, and the clock. We also have some fun activities with the girls team. This in NOT just an easy way to get a PE waiver or pad your college résumé. It is much harder and more time-consuming than taking a gym class. We are looking for hard-working, team-oriented, competitive runners. Do not come if you have a “gym class” mentality.

Please use 6XD73-KPHR6 to access Mason Cross Country on Schoology. Use the link posted there to get into the Athletes’ Folder. It has all the information you need. It includes schedules, motivational material, training information and of course, a training log. Make a copy of it and keep track of your training daily.

Our mission: Mason Boys Cross Country is about pursuing excellence by seeking to develop each runner, regardless natural ability, into a team-oriented, hard-working, tough-racing athlete. We do this knowing that putting others ahead of ourselves, having a great work ethic, and being able to perform under pressure will carry us far in all aspects of life.

Summer Training Program

Summer training can be summarized in one phrase: run your butt off! OK, so it’s a little more complicated than that, but the beauty of our sport is in its simplicity. Our summer training program is designed for dedicated runners who are disciplined enough to do what it takes to help the Mason Comets become GMC, District, Regional and even State champions. It also exists to help each runner achieve his own personal goals.

The three keys to cross country success are June, July and August. If you don’t do the work in the summer, there is no way to make up for it in the fall.

Be consistent in your training. Do not try to “make up” for miles you missed earlier. Running success is based on consistent, steady training, not busting killer workouts and piling on extra mileage at the end of the summer. Below is the mileage you should be running. The miles per day is the easy part. The hard part is putting down the game controller, turning off the TV, stop texting and going out to run. Once you are out the door it gets easier. Run at a steady pace, not a slow jog nor an all-out run every time. Keep track of your running in the Cross Country Training Log accessible on Schoology. If you aren’t recording your miles, you are probably not running them. Record your miles!!

                                        Miles per day                            Runs per week                             Total weekly mileage

                          Rookies / 2 nd year / veterans                Rookies / 2 nd year / vets             Rookies / 2 nd year / vets

May 24-30            4-6         4-6            6-7                           4-5          5-6         5-6                    20           25         35

May 31-June 6      4-6        4-6             6-7                          4-5          5-6         5-6                    22           28         38

June 7-13              4-6        4-6             6-7                          4-5          5-6         5-6                    25           32         42

June 14-20           4-6        5-7             7-9                           5-6         5-6          6                       30           38         48

June 21-27          4-6         5-7            7-9                           5-6          5-6          6                      30           38          48

June 28-July 4     4-6        6-7            7-9                           5-6          5-6          6                      35           40          50

July 5-11             4-6        6-7            8-10                         5-6           6            6                       35           42          54

July 12-18          4-6         6-8           8-10                          5-6          6             6                      40            48         54

July 19-25          6-7         6-8            8-10                        5-6           6             6                      40            48         54

July 26-Aug 1    6-7         6-8            8-10                        5-6           6             6                      40            48         54

August 2nd, official, mandatory practice begins at 8:00 am. Plan on practice 6 days a week in August. Please plan vacations before August. If you miss five mandatory practices you will be dismissed from the team. There are no excused or unexcused absences. If you are not there, it counts toward your five. After five misses you will have to meet with the coaches to convince them why you should be allowed back on the team. Starting Aug. 2nd all meets and practices are mandatory.

Supplemental training: Follow the training plan on the training log accessible through Schoology. Stretch and do CORE for 10 minutes after running. Doing some additional non-impact cardio (bike, elliptical, swim, rowing) is encouraged.

Train with others: Summer conditioning starts June 7th. Mon. Tue. Thu. and Fri. 8:00 - 10:00am Meet at the track. You really should try to run with us then. It is much easier and more fun. We’ll do some training games and have surprise, post-workout treats! Arrange to run with someone on the other days or any days you can’t make it to practice.

FORMS: For conditioning: You must have a current Emergency Medical Authorization on file with mason.finalforms.com. For mandatory practice (starting Aug 2nd.): July 29 and 30 are our “Forms Turn In Days”. All forms are to be done electronically on Final Forms except pages 3 and 4 of the physical which need to be a hard copy signed by a physician. Students must go in and sign a form too. You will not be allowed to practice Aug. 2nd without all of these. Each day you miss because of incomplete forms will count as an absence.

Train on vacation: What a great way to see new sights! Head off in one direction for 25 minutes, then try to run back in under 25 minutes. Can I train extra? Please follow this training program. It is designed to help you avoid injury and to bring you to your best at the proper time. If you would like to do more, contact Coach Rapp first. Any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. rappt@masonohioschools.com

Please note: Cross country is a competitive sport. We run to improve ourselves but also to win. We are the 2008 and 2014 Ohio state champions and 2012, 2015 and 2019 Ohio state runners up! We have been in the top ten in Ohio 13 out of the last 14 years. Plan your vacations early in the summer. Late summer vacations can inhibit your training and whether you can be on the team. Schedule family plans, doctors appointments, SAT and ACT exams, etc. around the season. For varsity athletes the season will run through early November. JV through mid-October.

How to Make the Team: We limit our team to athletes who are able to run a time standard. For freshmen and sophomores the standard is 15:30 for two miles on grass. For juniors and seniors it is 15:00. We’ll have 2-3 time trials before the final cut date of August 6 th . Training all summer enhances your chance of making the team.

All runners will be evaluated by their coaches throughout the season to ensure they are maintaining a high level of effort and fitness. Those who slack off may need to re-qualify to run races. In some cases, unmotivated or negative athletes will be asked to leave the team. This will be up to the coaches’ discretion, though we hope we do not have to do this.


● June 7 First day of summer, optional conditioning. We will meet Mon., Tues., Thur. and Fri.. You will need to do the Emergency Medical Authorization on Final Forms in order to condition. Be sure you do it for high school boys cross country 2021-2022 mason.finalforms.com

● July 29 & 30 We will be checking forms these days. You must have them all in by Aug 2 in order to participate. Go to www.mason.finalforms.com.

● Aug 2 First day of official, mandatory practice. 8 -10:30am. You are required to be at all practices and meets starting today. You must have all forms in or you will be dismissed. It will count as an absence.

● Aug 9 Practice and Picture Day 8am to 12:00pm. Bring a snack and drink.

● Aug 12 First Day of School. Practice 2:30-4:30. Meet in the High School Commons

● Late August – Pay to Participate fees are due. Actual dates TBA.


● Aug 27 – Moeller Invitational @ Christ’s Church at Mason

● Sep 4 - Loveland Invitational @ Home of the Brave Park, Loveland, OH

● Sept 4 - Dual at DeWine’s @ Governor DeWine’s private farm in Cedarville, OH

● Sep 11- Mason Invitational @ Corwin Nixon Park (plan on all day for your race, set up and tear down)

● Sep 18 – Cedarville Invitational @ Cedarville University

● Sep 25 – Culver Invitational @ Culver Military Academy, Culver, IN (Top 20ish only)

● Sep 25 - Fairmont Firebird Invitational @ Indian Riffle Park, Kettering, OH (for those who don’t go to Culver)

● Oct 2 - Kings Duals vs. ???@ Kingswood Preserve, Mason, OH

● Oct 2 - Centerville Saturday Night Lights @ Centerville HS (varsity only)

● Oct 16 – GMC Championship @ VOA Park (last meet for all JV runners)

● Oct 23 – District Championship @ VOA Park (Top 7 only)

● Oct 30 – Regional Championship @ Hobart Arena, Troy, OH (Top 7 only)

● Nov 6 – State Championship @ Fortress Obetz, Obetz, OH (Top 7 only)

For more info, contact: Coach Rapp: rappt@masonohioschools.com