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Congratulations!!  You have a Mason Track Athlete.  Welcome to the Mason Track Boosters!! Our Boosters are unusual in that we not only raise money for our athletes but we are an integral part in their sport because we run the track meets. Since we have a huge amount of athletes, we need each family to volunteer for 2-3 meets throughout the year in order to be able to fully run them.  Below listed each area along with a description of what each areas responsibilities are.
Thanks for your participation and we look forward to seeing you at the track!!
***Concessions--in concession stand,1) window person will take orders, charge customers appropriate amount/make change 2) or fetch the food/beverage wanted by the window people who are taking customers orders.  Grill Master-cooks burgers and hotdogs on grill.  
Timers--You are in charge of one lane and time the person in that lane.  You are given a stopwatch to hit when the gun goes off and to stop when your lane/runner crosses the finish line.  You then tell your runner their time and they relay it to their coaches.
Lead timer--makes sure there are sufficient timers, everyone is ready, signal the official that he can start the race, make sure the time runner has times.
Relays--stand at marked interval for relay races to insure the baton is passed within the lane and start/stop area.
Long jump--Either record jump lengths, measure, or rake the pit so it is flat.
Shot/discus--Measure the length of the throw, insure it is recorded, make sure students stay in the designated safe zone.
Pole vault--records heights and moves/replaces the rod, keeps athletes in vaulting order.
High Jump--Record if jump was successful or not, place bar on standard after jumps, call out who is jumping.
Hospitality--serve food to visiting coaches.  Food is provided by our booster volunteers and some is donated by local restaurants. 
Extra help--flexible, put to work wherever we or short or need an extra hand.  
We would also love a lead or several for Concession, hospitality and booster liaison. Please contact runmason1@gmail.com if you need more details or could fill any of these leads.  
Are you allowed to leave to watch your athlete run??  OF COURSE, please let the other people in your area know so that accommodations are made during your absence.  Some of the volunteer areas are actually a great spectator spot for watching the competition.  
Do you get any perks??  YES, you are not charged to enter the meet if you are volunteering.


Wednesday, March 23

Mock Meet


Saturday, March 26th

Wayne Relay


Thursday, April 7



Friday, April 8,



Wednesday, April 13

Home Meet


Wednesday, April 20th

@ LakotaWest



hursday, April 21

@ Kings


Wednesday, April 27

@ Home


Monday, May 2th

@ Oak Hills


Tuesday, May 3rd

@ Oak Hills


Wednesday, May 4th

@ Oak Hills

GMC MEET Rain Date
STATE @ Lancaster, OH ?


Thank you for all you do for your athletes, their teammates and visiting teams!!