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Please use the SignUps below to volunteer for the Mason Invite, Mason XC's only home meet. We need a HUGE number of volunteers to help run this fantastic event - we ask that every family participate! If you have any questions, please contact the volunteer coordinator, Michelle Whitmore, at  , or Booster president, Kim Rader, at  .
To volunteer on Thursday: Thursday Sign-Up
To volunteer on Friday: Friday Sign-Up
To volunteer on Saturday: Saturday Sign-Up
Descriptions of jobs:
Course Marshal: very simply, you direct the runners in which way to go, help any who may be injured or sick, and keep spectators of the course; this is a great job because you get to see all of the runners come by (some even more than once!)
1 Mile Split and 2 Mile split callers: start a digital clock when the gun goes off to start the race and then stay to audibly call out the race splits as runners pass by
Turf Mat Placement: a heavier job, carry and place down large pieces of turf over concrete surfaces 
Course Set-up: you will be directed when you arrive as to what needs done
I think the rest are explained very well on the sign up genius. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to ask
We highly recommend volunteering for a shift when your runner is NOT running so you won't miss them or be busy during their race. It works great is Junior High parents volunteer during High School races and High School parents volunteer during Middle School races, but please keep the race times in mind when you sign up! Here they are:

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE:    (number of runners in these races is subject to change)          

9:00     High School Girls Section I Varsity (Bigger Schools) run 15 score 5

                        9:45     High School Girls Section II Varsity (Smaller Schools) run unlimited score 5

                        10:30   High School Boys Section I Varsity (Bigger Schools) run 15 score 5

                        11:00   High School Boys Section II Varsity (Smaller Schools) run unlimited score 5

                        11:30   High School Girls Reserves

                        12:15   High School Boys Reserves

                        12:45   Kids’ Fun Run 9 years old and younger

                        1:00     Junior High Girls Team run 10 score 5

                        1:30     Junior High Girls Reserves

                        2:00     Junior High Boys Team run 10 score 5

                        2:30     Junior High Boys Reserves

We continue to look for sponsors for our Coaches' Hospitality Tent as well. Specifically, we need cold sandwich donations, as well as various side dishes. Donations can come in the form of food donations from local restaurants OR from folks who are willing to prepare/provide cold sandwiches or sandwich trays for coaches and officials. Cash donations are welcome as well; donations of $250 or more will give you sponsorship status for the remainder of the XC season, as well as the Spring Track season. Please contact Christine Muglia at  .
Our next Booster meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 20, at 7:00 at MHS in the Team Room. Please enter through the doors labeled "Athletic Offices" on the backside of the MHS, facing Pine Hill Park. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us!