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Team dinners start this Thursday! We still need some dinner helpers. It's a lot of fun and you will meet some fellow xcountry parents! Click below to sign up:
Speaking of team dinners...here's the information you've all been waiting for! The first XC dinner of the season is just around the corner. 
First Combined XC dinner at the Marten Home 
Dave and Judy Marten (Grace)
**As always, please obey all parking signs, carpool when you can, bring chairs, blankets, etc. to sit on and be gracious guests. Represent Mason XC well! 
Please send the following requested item with your athlete to the dinner.  If for any reason you are unable to bring the item or would like to drop if off before, please contact Dave Marten,  or 513-288-2275 or Wendy Pitcher,   or 513-673-9146. 
Assignments (by first letter of last name):
Pasta (homemade, if possible, warm and ready to serve at least 6-8 people) M, B
Bread (sliced, warm and ready to serve) C, G, N
Salad (mixed greens with dressing on salad) H
Fruit (cut and ready to serve) L, T, Y
Veggies (raw and cut) V, Z
Dessert (cut and ready to serve) S, A
Plates (disposable/paper pack of 50+) P, U
Forks (plastic/pack of 50+) J, I, Q
Water (cold 12 pack) K, F
Napkins (pack of 100+) E
Sports drink (cold 8-10 pack) D, R, O, W